Bamboo Castle Tees - 60 Pack

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Our premium  Biodegradable Bamboo Castle Tees make it easier for every golfer to make the switch to sustainable golf by offering a direct replacement away from the usual orange castle tees - our tees offer a consistent height and are still incredibly strong but crucially, they are unmatched when it comes to the factor of sustainability.

All of our tees are unvarnished and are one of the most sustainable golf products available. GreenGolf UK uses 100% recyclable packaging that provides you with 20% your next online order of GreenGolf Tees when they reuse their pack. Every order supports the FSC with a 5% contribution of profits.

GreenGolf's premium bamboo tees are not only environmentally friendly, but can last up to 5x longer than conventional wooden golf tees. 8 million tonnes of plastic enters the ocean each year. The use of plastic golf products is contributing to this figure.

When golf balls are lost into the lake and not recycled, or plastic tees are left on the ground, it means that micro plastics are being released into the ground, our atmosphere, and our water sources. As a result of this each human is consuming microplastics the equivalent to a credit card per week.

Do your bit for the environment whilst playing the sport we all love and help us to help you contribute towards sustainable golf today! #maketheswitch

Package contains 60 tees - may come as 2 packs of 30 tees

(ORANGE) 70mm Biodegradable Bamboo Castle Tees

(PINK) 59mm Biodegradable Bamboo Castle Tees

(RED) 31mm Biodegradable Bamboo Castle Tees